Hello, we are WeBiztech Co., Ltd.
Thank you for visiting our homepage.
We operate under a variety of IT experience to provide solutions
that meet the needs of the SI business and customers.
Currently, the company provides SI businesses and solutions to public institutions,
financial institutions, and education institutions, and is trusted by its customers.
As a company with excellent expertise and secure solutions,
we are committed to performing a successful project to meet your expectations and needs,
and we are committed to your ongoing growth.

Core Value

We operate on three key values as our business philosophy.
It will also help strengthen the global competitiveness of our customers and their individual members.


Our vision is to share values and beliefs with our clients, members, and business partners so that we can go a long way together.
Through eIT technologies and solutions, we will contribute to strengthening our customers' competitiveness and generating profit.
Dreaming of making the future of change and innovation are the driving force behind WeBiztech's passion for the challenge.

  • Customer centered

    At the heart of our business is our customers.
    Based on the best experts, competitive products and accumulated trust,
    we place our highest priority
    on our customers' partnership.

  • Honesty and sincerity

    We work honestly and sincerely.
    We always try to find a better way
    by abandoning stereotypes and
    always do our best with a clear awareness
    and a sense of calling.

  • Challenge and creativity

    Challenge bigger and more bold goals
    with creative thinking.
    We have a variety of support programs
    to grow our members, and we provide support in a variety of ways
    to motivate creative thinking.

Organization Chart

  • WeBiztech CEO
  • Executive Advisor
  • Auditor
  • Management Assistant Dept.
  • Business Innovation Division
  • Design Dept.
  • Business Innovation Team1
  • Business Innovation Team2
  • Commerce & Trade Team
  • R&D Lab.

General Information

CEO Shin Joong-Bae
Date of establishment September 19, 2008
Employees 39
capital 100 million KRW
Major Business Consulting & SI / SM / Solution / Commerce & Trade
Website http://www.webiztech.co.kr
Address #606, 47, Sejong-daero 23-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea