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Wiver, Value up your data!

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About Us

WeBiztech is a eIT leader that helps your customers improve their competitiveness and earn profits.
As we have grown based on diverse IT experience in the SI & SM business, we develop and operate our products optimally according to our customers ' needs for strengthening customer's competitiveness and contributing to profitability.
We also strive to maximize corporate value by creating new and diverse profitable businesses through distribution and trading business.

  • Vision

    Based on innovative, challenging and creative thinking, WeBiztech makes the development of new value creation of customers and members a top priority.

  • Business Area

    Focusing on SI & SM business, we are developing solution through R & D and specializing in logistics and distribution. We are carrying out IT business, trading and distribution business through building e-Commerce system.

  • Overview

    We are proud to introduce WeBiztech,
    a leading and innovative eIT leader, leading the industry with leading experts and competitive products.


Value up your data!

Wiver™, raise the information value of your customer! Wiver™ is a new concept of Total Visibility System created by the accumulated know-how and competence of WeBiztech.
Simple, intuitive design, flexible data processing, and systematic grid system will contribute to business efficiency and sales.
Experience it now!

  • Customized content Deliver screens that fit business conditions of the users Browser optimization Create dynamic content
  • Location based monitoring Provides OpenSource maps Scale through multiple APIs
  • Visible monitoring Provides Various templates, provides different types of visibile tools Extended availability according to the need for portal, control, etc.
  • Multilingual support Offer Korean, Chinese, and English services Extension flexibility in various languages
  • Security function User access authority controls Menu permission control Access history management

Latest Works

Introducing the project recently conducted by WeBiztech.
Engineers who have high technology and experience to cope with rapidly changing IT environment reflect the requirements of customers quickly and flexibly, and are building optimized environment for global business.
We have been strengthening our strong partnership with partners in various fields for a long time.

  • CJ Logistics
    Integration HUB
    2016.10 ~ 2017.05
  • AEO Smart Certified System R&D Project 2016.06 ~ 2018.12
  • Korea Ginseng Corp. CheongKwanJang
    e-Commerce Platform Build Project
    2017.02 ~ 12
  • Kyobo Life
    Next-generation Insurance Project
    2016.09 ~ 2018.12
  • CJ Logistics
    Global e-Commerce
    System(iNEX) Build Advanced Project
    2017.06 ~ 12

Contact Us

#606, 47, Sejong-daero 23-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea